A Novel way to collect Stamp Duty


I havent been writing for a while, the temper was flaring but, at the end of the day every other hack on newspapers and television was having a field day with Ruddy and JG , Thomson and “Slippery Pete”, so I stayed away and watche dthe massacre from the lounge room!!!! 

The Feds are at a moribound stage, maybe maybe the vast majority of the voters have now decided that this minority paradigm with a couple of opportunist and the extreme left of politics propping it up, is an unworkable solution. Time will tell…!

In my daily dose of bad news and really bad news, I found an article that gave me hope, maybe I’m not a complete lunatic, somebody else thinks like me and he makes sense!!

The article was about a Real Estate Institute of New South Wales suggestion on how to reduce the burden of stamp duty on first home buyers and the like.

The suggestion is that the NSW Government should split the payment over a three year period, ( I’d say Four or five) this way the $7,000+ does not become an extra hurdle and burden. It makes sense to me….

The REINSW also suggested that instead of raising stamp duty charges the NSW government might want to drop the rate at witch it charges the Tax. The evidence presented by REINSW is the WA and NT government experience in such an exercise. When both governments (Yes I know NT is not a state… it should be) reduced the stamp duty on first home buyers, their revenue rose!!! Contrary to what the Blight government did in QLD…. Give with one hand (Drum Roll!!!!!!) take with the other (SHHHHHHH!!).

It is a fact that we need more housing, whatever that is, flats, semi detached, full blown 4 bedroom houses etc.. Last time I checked, it has been a while, we needed 180,000 new homes!!  Only having a reason to build is not enough, the construction sector needs INCENTIVE not hand-outs, Tax incentive like deferal of taxes, reduction in red tape, sensible developments impositions and the like.

Nobody is building, no confidence I suppose…. We do not need a “Stimulus” we only need stability, certainty that ” JG and the Black Swan” will not invent another “Green” tax to save the world or trying the Robin Hood card to split the comunities. We need a Government that sees what needs to be done, not on political or class grounds, but in a way that will instill confidence. 

Queensland is already starting to move again, a change of government and a Premier that is a “Can Do Premier”, calls a spade a spade and is not worried about offending a few do gooders has spurred some activity around the place. Cambell Newman has already said that he will reinstate the exemption from Stamp duty for a PPR. Better then a kick in the shin…wait and see for the next move!!


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