The tribulation of a Property Manager…..

It has been a long time since We have expressed an opinion, or six, in the world of property management, but it’s never too late!

Recent events have sparked a bit of soul-searching.

I came to the conclusion that it is totally wrong try to help and prop-up people in your office. The only thing you are doing is harming your reputation and that of your office. No more excuse,  no more “I Want”, “I need”, “I must have”.

Recently We had to listen to all sort of excuses as to why the job was not done or why it has been totally missed! You go over the excuses, get a bit of a stern voice, get a promise that it will never happen again and proceed to fix the mess!!  Guaranteed that you’ll be back, with the same person in the same office with a similar problem the following week!   You employ people for a very good reason, to do a particular job because you need help in doing it, there is absolutely no point if I have to redo everything you do just to make sure that it’s done, I did not solved my problem and I created, instead, more work for myself.

From now on no more BS! Do as you are told or your out! Choice? Back door or front door!

At the end of the day the buck stops with management, you make a dog breakfast of your job and I pay the price! Enough! And then when, this person, find his or herself in so much trouble that they end up deleting emails and going to all sort of trouble in trying to hide the huge problems they are in, they resign and, all of a sudden, it’s somebody else’s problem! I loose the properties and the income, not you!

As it stand, we are left with some very unhappy people that have been lied to, mucked around and generally mismanaged. Did we knew anything about it? NO! and why? never been told that anything was amiss. You can put in place all sort of policies, in the end you cannot fix what you don’t know and what you have not been told.

Was this done by design, trying to hurt the business, or just plain stupidity? The jury is still out….

There are going to be consequences, regrettably for the business, but more to the point, for the person in question.

Moral of the story: first signs of sloppiness in the work you are out.


About Mareeba Property Management

Real Estate Scribe, IT manager, Lighting Supremo, Farmer and general gofer.....
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