An attempt to link climate change to moulins in Greenland

In other words….this is what we think, give us more money and we can really scare the pants off you!

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF EXETER and the “don’t ignore the black soot left at the bottom after the drainage” department.


Greenland’s ice sheet plumbing system revealed

Pioneering new research sheds light on the impact of climate change on subglacial lakes found under the Greenland ice sheet  

A team of experts, led by Dr Steven Palmer from the University of Exeter, has studied the water flow paths from one such subglacial lake, which drained beneath the ice sheet in 2011.

The study shows, for the first time, how water drained from the lake – via a subglacial tunnel. Significantly, the authors present satellite observations that show that a similar event happened in 1995, suggesting that this lake fills and drains periodically.

The study, called Subglacial lake drainage detected beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Lead author Dr Steven Palmer, from Geography at the…

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