The Pause: October 2015 Update

I have seen the “Pause” today, when I stopped and looked at a coockaburra eating a little fish.


UAH v6.0 data for October were released on today.  Here are updated graphs for various regions showing the furthest back one can go to show a zero or negative trend (less than +0.01C/ 100 years) in lower tropospheric temperatures.  The strongest El Nino since 1997-98 has struck down its  first victim!  There is now NO pause in the Northern Hemisphere data.  However, in some regions it has lengthened.  Note: The satellite record commences in December 1978.  The entire satellite record is 36 years and 11 months long.



Zero trend oct 2015 globe

There has been zero trend for over half the record.

Northern Hemisphere:

It might be something I’m getting wrong in my calculations, but the Pause has suddenly disappeared.

The trend since December 1997 is +0.17C/ 100 years +/-0.1C.

Southern Hemisphere:

Zero trend oct 2015 SH

The Pause has extended by several months.  For more than half the record the Southern Hemisphere has zero trend.

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